About the "In-Your-Face" Cat Yawn


"Your Kitty's Body Language Says A Lot!

We cats do the "sleepy type" yawn, just as humans do, but we turn our head well away from other cats and humans when we do this "I am sure sleepy" yawn. However, we cats have another body language yawn with special meaning. Below I will explain and demonstrate the special "in-your-face" type of yawn we cats may use on anyone when it is appropriate.

The "in-your-face" type cat yawn started with mother cats' silent body language telling their kittens to go away and give mom a break. It is still used by both wild and domestic cats today, and it means the same thing it did a million years ago: "Get out of my face!" Don't you take this yawn personally.

"In-Your-Face" Yawn Body Language:

Cat getting ready to yawn in your face. 1. The human companion approaches face of resting cat and says loving and kind words.

2. If the cat does not want to be bothered, the cat responds with this cat body language: First the eyes close and the whiskers come forward. This increases the cat's personal space directly in front - between cat and human.

"You are approaching into my peaceful space and I don't want you here right now. I don't want to see you."

Cat getting ready to yawn in your face.3. Next the "in-your-face" yawn starts while facing directly at you.

Leave peacefully. I can be very dangerous.

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Cat getting ready to yawn in your face. You are not worth any of my effort to play with or fight with right now.

See these sharp teeth?

You better get out of my space right now, or you will feel them!

Cat yawning in your face. I don't want to have to hurt you really bad, so scram.

Cat yawning in my face. And if you don't leave, I've got a surprise for you, and you won't like it!

Cat yawning in your face. I've said enough. I'm going to take a nap now.

Go away.

4. The cat's body language message is over, and the wise intruder should leave immediately.

Feline Physics Law

Law of Cat Obstruction: A cat must lay on the floor in such a position to obstruct the maximum amount of human foot traffic.

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