How to Grow Wheatgrass for Your Kitty


What You Need to Grow Wheatgrass

Cat eating wheatgrass.Cats enjoy and can benefit greatly from having a constant supply of fresh growing wheatgrass. You can also grow barley grass seeds, rye grass seeds and oat grass seeds, usually sold at your health food stores. A side benefit for you is that this may prevent your kitty from eating your house plants. Many are toxic to cats.

Wheatgrass growing supplies. You can easily grow your own wheatgrass for pennies. Here is what you need:

Here are the procedures for growing delicious fresh wheatgrass for your kitty.

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Cat eating wheatgrass."I really enjoy a fresh salad after my dry and crunchy cat food."

Shown above is mature wheatgrass near the end of usefulness. This is too long for cats to eat as they can't completely swallow it and will usually cough and throw-up if they don't learn how to chew the grass into short pieces.

After about 4 days the grass gets dry and bitter tasting, so here is how I time this operation for the next batch:
I start seed soaking the day after I put the new grass down. By the time the current batch is getting old, the fresh batch has been sprouted, planted, and is about ready to eat.

This means you have a new activity in your life - constant wheatgrass growing! Since your kitty will be healthier and happier, it is time well spent. Do it with love and care and it won't seem like work.

Trim the wheatgrass.If your cat sometimes coughs-up the grass shortly after eating it, the grass is probably too long; like in the photo above of Flash eating the long grass by chewing it off in short pieces. To help your kitty not choke, use scissors to trim the long grass blades down to about 1.5 inches (38 mm) so kitty can swallow it all the way.

Notice how I have a rubber band and ceramic brown dish under the plastic container. Flash likes to pull out the grass and this added weigh holds things steady. The plastic container has holes for water drainage, and the ceramic dish catches the excess water.

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