"Flash", the Cat, Likes These Things


Cat head scratch


I like my head scratched every chance I get. My care-giver, Ulla, knows exactly how I like it.

Cat being hand-fed.


I like Ulla to hand-feed me snacks. Makes me feel very special and part of the family.

Cat jumping"I am extremely fast in my hunting/playing movements, and that is why my name is "Flash". I often run through the house and play like I am in the wild."

"Look out! The wildebeests are stampeding! I must jump across this crocodile filled river to get out of their way!"


Cat at bathroom door.


I don't like when Ulla closes the bathroom door!
WHAT is she doing in there without me?

Cat watching in kitchen.


I like watching and smelling all the activity in the kitchen.
I sometimes get a treat if I stay out of the way.

Cat drinking from faucet.


I like drinking and playing with this interesting thing that makes water. It only does it when Ulla is around.

Cat playing with Ulla.


When Ulla reads the newspaper I like to walk over it. She never gets mad at me. It makes her play with me.

Cat playing.


It is so much fun jumping into paper bags! Could be a mouse in there!

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Flash playing with toys.


I like picking which toy I want to play with. I get bored playing with the same one.

Cat playing.


I like playing on the bed where I can throw my body around and not get hurt. It is fun to be in a cat body playing on a soft bed!

Cat playing.


I like to attack the rugs! My toys always seem to hide under them.

Cat playing.


I like to sleep with my toys. I am a very rich cat with lots of toys.

Flash playing with toys.


When Ulla and Larry work on their computers I like to be nearby in case they need to play with me.

Cat sleeping. After playing I like to be alone and stretch out on the bed.

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