Let's Play!


Most cats have a very alive and active inner-kitten in them that is retained their entire lifetime. It comes out with the slightest encouragement and is ready to play. That is one reason cats often treat humans as their parent.

Cat playing.

"We cats like humans who are devoted to loving and serving us constantly, as if we were their perpetual kitten."

Cat attacking rug.One of my favorite things that my inner-kitten can do now with this adult body is to rip up the rugs and make a really big mess of any room. It is so satisfying for my inner-kitten to see how powerful it is now!

Cat playing.Anything moving immediately appears to be a mouse or bird and needs me to pounced on it. If it is a treat from Ulla, that is even better.

Cat playing.We cats love to hunt because that is what our bodies and senses are designed to do. From our earliest beginnings, kittens love to play like they are hunting and killing some prey in the wild.

Cat playing with cherry.

Things that roll are really fun to tap and watch where they go! Anything moving like a mouse escaping gets focused attention from us cat mighty hunters.

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Cat playing with Ulla.There are unwritten rules when playing with Ulla or Larry. The first rule is that we never hurt each other -- at least not intentionally. All cats have special nerves around their teeth roots that indicate how much pressure is applied. We evolved these special sensors to safely carry our kittens in our powerful jaws. We are very precise with the amount of pressure we exert with our teeth. We may need to crush and kill prey with our teeth, but also we carry our kittens with the same sharp teeth. A neat trick that cats can do!

Cat playing. I also always keep my claws pulled safely into the sheath when I play with humans. I can swat really hard with my paw pads and not leave a bleeding gash, when I want to.

Cat with Focused attention.

Hunting and killing prey is a much practiced and successful skill perfected over millions of generations going back 25 Million Years when Sabre Tooths roamed. Today's cats are the perfected evolutionary result of all successful hunter ancestors.

Flash playing.

I am especially enthusiastic about attacking anything moving under a newspaper. You never know, there might be a wildebeest under there!

Here are my rules for play with Ulla and Larry:

Feline Physics Law

Law of Cat Landing: A cat will always land in the softest place possible; often the mid- section of an unsuspecting, reclining human.

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