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Feline Physics Law
Law of Cat Inertia
A cat at rest will tend to remain at rest, unless acted upon by some outside force - such as the opening of cat food.

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Cat Talk and Body Language Tutorial
for Better Animal Communication

Introduction to "Cat Talk"
by a Cat Called Flash

Proof that cats are smarter than dogs:
Did you ever see cats hooked up to a sled and running in the snow pulling it?

This is Flash, a special tabby cat. My name is Flash and I'm here to tell you humans some secrets -- and common sense -- about cat body language and animal communication.

The first thing to learn is that cats don't associate with just anyone. We are solitary animals who each have our own territory that we mark and guard at all times. We can instantly notice if anything new is present or changed in our personal domain. We know the smell of everything in our territory and we frequently check for new smells, especially of other cats.

We cats have extraordinary abilities for evaluating people, mainly through their body language. For example, people who dislike cats are instantly identifiable to us because they shy-away and don't look us in the eyes.

Strangers who like cats and want to pick us up look us directly in the eyes, and call us to come to them. This is always suspicious because direct eye contact usually means a conflict in animal body language. So if we have a choice of which lap to sit on, we pick the person not looking us directly in our eyes, and that is usually the person who dislikes cats!

The kind of eye contact we cats like with humans is a "soft eyes" look where the face is relaxed and the eyes very slowly blink repeatedly. That look says, "I am calm and won't bother you right now." We cats like that attitude in humans most of the time, until we are ready to play or be fed.

A relationship between a cat and a human can be a wonderful experience for both. For example, we cats know how to snuggle up to people and purr so lovingly that it lowers the human's blood pressure and improves the immune system. It's true! It has been scientifically proven that cats really do extend the lives of their human care givers. And for that priceless service we ask very little in the way of food, safety, and comfort. What a deal for you humans!

This "Cat Talk" website is offered in celebration of the rewarding relationship we cats have had with humans for the past approximately 5,000 years. I want to give you humans some useful insights into how we cats communicate with you. Helping me with this "Cat Talk" project are my two human care givers: Ulla and Larry. Ulla is a gourmet cook and Larry makes websites. I hope you enjoy what we have to share with you.

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Introduction to "Cat Talk"
by a Cat Called Flash
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